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Publications 2018

Apituley, A., Van Roozendael, M., Richter, A., Wagner, T., Friess, U., Hendrick, F., Kreher, K., Tirpitz, J.-L.
Aerosol profiling during the large scale field campaign CINDI-2
Epj Web Of Conferences, 176, A10005, Doi:10.1051/epjconf/201817610005, 2018.
Bai, J., De Leeuw, G., Van Der A, R., De Smedt, I., Theys, N., Van Roozendael, M., Sogacheva, L., Chai, W.
Variations and photochemical transformations of atmospheric constituents in North China
Atmospheric Environment, 189, 213-226, Doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2018.07.004, 2018.
Boersma, K.F., Eskes, H.J., Richter, A., De Smedt, I., Lorente, A., Beirle, S., Van Geffen, J.H.G.M., Zara, M., Peters, E., Van Roozendael, M., Wagner, T., Maasakkers, J.D., Van Der A, R.J., Nightingale, J., De Rudder, A., Irie, H., Pinardi, G., Lambert,
Improving algorithms and uncertainty estimates for satellite NO₂ retrievals: results from the quality assurance for essential climate variables (QA4ECV) project
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(12), 6651-6678, Doi:10.5194/amt-11-6651-2018, 2018.
Cao, H., Fu, T.-M., Zhang, L., Henze, D.K., Miller, C.C., Lerot, C., Abad, G.G., De Smedt, I., Zhang, Q., Van Roozendael, M., Hendrick, F., Chance, K., Li, J., Zheng, J., Zhao, Y.
Adjoint inversion of Chinese non-methane volatile organic compound emissions using space-based observations of formaldehyde and glyoxal
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, 18(20), 15017-15046, Doi:10.5194/acp-18-15017-2018, 2018.
Choi, S., Theys, N., Salawitch, R.J., Wales, P.A., Joiner, J., Canty, T.P., Chance, K., Suleiman, R.M., Palm, S.P., Cullather, R.I., Darmenov, A.S., Da Silva, A., Kurosu, T.P., Hendrick, F., Van Roozendael, M.
Link Between Arctic Tropospheric BrO Explosion Observed From Space and Sea‐Salt Aerosols From Blowing Snow Investigated Using Ozone Monitoring Instrument BrO Data and GEOS‐5 Data Assimilation System
Journal Of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 123(13), 6954-6983, Doi:10.1029/2017jd026889, 2018.
De Mazière, M., F. Hendrick
De dertigste verjaardag van het Montreal Protocol: een waar succesverhaal!
Science Connection, 55, 2018.
De Mazière, M., F. Hendrick
Les 30 ans du Protocole de Montréal: une véritable success story !
Science Connection, 55, 2018.
De Smedt, I., Theys, N., Yu, H., Danckaert, T., Lerot, C., Compernolle, S., Van Roozendael, M., Richter, A., Hilboll, A., Peters, E., Pedergnana, M., Loyola, D., Beirle, S., Wagner, T., Eskes, H., Van Geffen, J., Boersma, K.F., Veefkind, P.
Algorithm theoretical baseline for formaldehyde retrievals from S5P TROPOMI and from the QA4ECV project
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(4), 2395-2426, Doi:10.5194/amt-11-2395-2018, 2018.
Garane, K., C. Lerot, M. Coldewey-Egbers, T. Verhoelst, I. Zyrichidou, D.S. Balis, T. Danckaert, F. Goutail, J. Granville, D. Hubert, M.E. Koukouli, A. Keppens, J.-C. Lambert, D. Loyola, J.-P. Pommereau, M. Van Roozendael, C. Zehner
Quality assessment of the Ozone_cci Climate Research Data Package (release 2017): Part 1: Ground-based validation of total ozone column data products
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(3), 1385-1402, Doi:10.5194/amt-2017-378, 2018.
Hara, K., Osada, K., Yabuki, M., Takashima, H., Theys, N., Yamanouchi, T.
Important contributions of sea-salt aerosols to atmospheric bromine cycle in the Antarctic coasts
Scientific Reports, 8(1), A13852, Doi:10.1038/s41598-018-32287-4, 2018.
Koukouli, M.E., Theys, N., Ding, J., Zyrichidou, I., Mijling, B., Balis, D., Van Der A, R.J.
Updated SO2 emission estimates over China using OMI/Aura observations
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(3), 1817-1832, Doi:10.5194/amt-11-1817-2018, 2018.
Lefebvre, W., H. Hooyberghs, F. Deutsch, F. Tack, M. Van Roozendael, M.-D. Iordache, F. Fierens, C. Vanpoucke, S. Adriaenssens, S. Van Wittenberghe, P. Viaene, K. Meuleman, O, Peeters, And A. Merlaud
Can Aircraft-Based Remote-Sensing NO2 Measurements Combined with High Resolution Model Data Improve NO2 Exposure Estimates over Urban Areas?
In: Air Pollution Modeling And Its Application Xxv, Itm 2016, Edited By C. Mensink, And G. Kallos, Springer Proceedings In Complexity Series, Pp. 163-167, Doi:10.1007/978-3-319-57645-9_26, Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2018.
Liu, S., Valks, P., Pinardi, G., De Smedt, I., Yu, H., Beirle, S.
Improvements to the retrieval of NO2 column for the GOME-2 instrument
International Archives Of The Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing And Spatial Information Sciences, 42(3), 1109-1110, Doi:10.5194/isprs-archives-xlii-3-1109-2018, 2018.
Merlaud, A., F. Tack, D. Constantin, L. Georgescu, J. Maes, C. Fayt, F. Mingireanu, D. Schuettemeyer, A.C. Meier, A. Schönardt, T. Ruhtz, L. Bellegante, D. Nicolae, M. Den Hoed, M. Allaart, M. Van Roozendael
The Small Whiskbroom Imager for atmospheric compositioN monitorinG (SWING) and its operations from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during the AROMAT campaign
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(1), 551-567, Doi:10.5194/amt-11-551-2018, 2018.
Nightingale, J., Boersma, K.F., Muller, J.-P., Compernolle, S., Lambert, J.-C., Blessing, S., Giering, R., Gobron, N., De Smedt, I., Coheur, P., George, M., Schulz, J., Wood, A.
Quality Assurance Framework Development Based on Six New ECV Data Products to Enhance User Confidence for Climate Applications
Remote Sensing, 10(8), A1254; Doi:10.3390/rs10081254
Taylor, I.A., Preston, J., Carboni, E., Mather, T.A., Grainger, R.G., Theys, N., Hidalgo, S., Mccormick Kilbride, B.
Exploring the Utility of IASI for Monitoring Volcanic SO2 Emissions
Journal Of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 123(10), 5588-5606, Doi:10.1002/2017jd027109, 2018.
Wang, T., Wang, P., Hendrick, F., Van Roozendael, M.
Re-examine the APEC blue in Beijing 2014
Journal Of Atmospheric Chemistry, 75(2), 235-246, Doi:10.1007/s10874-018-9374-3, 2018.
Wang, T., Wang, P., Theys, N., Tong, D., Hendrick, F., Zhang, Q.
Spatial and temporal changes of SO₂ regimes over China in recent decade and the driving mechanism
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, 18(24), 18063-18078, Doi:10.5194/acp-18-18063-2018
Zara, M., Boersma, K.F., De Smedt, I., Richter, A., Peters, E., Van Geffen, J.H.G.M., Beirle, S., Wagner, T., Van Roozendael, M., Marchenko, S., Lamsal, L.N., Eskes, H.J.
Improved slant column density retrieval of nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde for OMI and GOME-2A from QA4ECV: intercomparison, uncertainty characterisation, and trends
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(7), 4033-4058, Doi:10.5194/amt-11-4033-2018, 2018.
Zhou, M., B. Langerock, C. Vigouroux, P. Wang, C. Hermans, G. Stiller, K.A. Walker, G. Dutton, E. Mahieu, M. De Mazière
Ground-based FTIR retrievals of SF6 at Réunion Island
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11(2), 651-662, Doi:10.5194/amt-11-651-2018, 2018.
Zhou, M., Langerock, B., Vigouroux, C., Sha, M.K., Ramonet, M., Delmotte, M., Mahieu, E., Bader, W., Hermans, C., Kumps, N., Metzger, J.-M., Duflot, V., Wang, Z., Palm, M., De Mazière, M.
Atmospheric CO and CH4 time series and seasonal variations on Reunion Island from ground-based in-situ and FTIR (NDACC and TCCON) measurements
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, 18(19), 13881-13901, Doi:10.5194/acp-18-13881-2018, 2018.
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